foodproof Magnetic Preparation Kit I (for Salmonella, E. sakazakii, E. coli, Shigella)

Principle of the Kit
• Cells are lysed by incubation with foodproof Magnetic Preparation Kit I Lysis Buffer
• DNA is bound to the magnetic beads
• Proteins, and other cellular impurities are washed off the bound DNA
• Purified DNA is recovered using the foodproof Magnetic Preparation Kit I Elution Buffer

Benefits of the Kit
• Innovative magnetic bead technology for extraction of high purity DNA
• Optimized and validated for Gram-negative bacteria
• The high quality of the obtained DNA is suitable for applications using any PCR system
• Free application support is guaranteed for use on foodproof® RoboPrep+
Reactions: 96 / 480
Order-No.: S 400 11 / S 400 11 L
Download: Package Insert S40011L (pdf - 459 kB)
Download: Quick Procedure S40011L (pdf - 67 kB)
Download: Package Insert S40011 (pdf - 991 kB)
Download: Quick Procedure S40011 (pdf - 116 kB)