Analyse facts

What is a zoom-in PCR pathogen detection kit?

Our zoom-in PCR detection kits are optimized for simultaneous genus and species detection. Therefore the result represents a broad overview on the genus-level as well as on the species-level.

Do I have to repeat my positive/ negative results for confirmation? If so, how many times?

The result of our real-time PCR run represents complete conformity to the ISO standards. Please crosscheck the ISO or other standards to get more information.

How do I dispose of used real-time PCR materials (plastics, etc.)?

Real-time PCR materials like plastics or chemicals are non-toxic and can be disposed of in the normal waste. There is no need for any special separation of waste. For further information please check the MSDS (material safety data sheets) which can be found on the website of BIOTECON Diagnostics.