Basics of real-time PCR

Do I need a molecular biologist to run the application?

It is not necessary to have a specially educated technician or molecular biologist to run the application. The foodproof® Detection Kits are completely user-friendly and not difficult to run as you only have to follow the detailed manual. However, we recommend attending a practical training course which is offered by BIOTECON Diagnostics if you have no experience of molecular biology. This training program can be given directly in the lab of the customer and explain the use of the kits and real-time PCR.

What do I have to do if I want to set up a complete new PCR laboratory? How long will it take me to switch to the real-time PCR technology?

A typical real-time PCR laboratory does not require a lot more equipment and instruments than a general standard laboratory. If you would like to have a complete list with prices included, please contact BIOTECON Diagnostics. Switching from conventional methods to real-time PCR is unproblematic as special techniques or methods do not have to be established. In addition, BIOTECON Diagnostics offers new customers internal and external training courses and seminars.

What is a melting curve? What's the advantage of using a melting curve?

Melting curve analyses are carried out automatically by the LightCycler® and allow a clear and easy identification of organisms without additional work and costs. Breaking the base-base hydrogen bonding between two stands of DNA requires energy while the amount is deoendent on the length, GC content and the complementarity of the DNA. These attributes are employed to distinguish the DNAs of different species. First fluorescent probes bind to their complentary and specific target. If the reaction mix that contains these double-stranded DNA sequences is heated up, the dissociation of the fluorescent probes against temperature gives a unique profile which allows the identification of the organisms.